Friday, February 28, 2014

Want to Buy a Plane? What Aviators Should Know about Aircraft Purchase

To buy a plane for business or personal use can be a dream come true for many budding pilots or aviators. If you are such a person, you should realize that you are embarking on something that’s sure to be a costly venture, so you must ensure that your investment will pay off. Here are some important considerations to make when purchasing:

90% Rule

Make sure that you can fully use your aircraft about 90% of the time, otherwise, it might end up being little more than a failed, underutilized venture. You can guarantee optimized use of your plane by identifying exactly what you need and how you will be using the aircraft. Thankfully, many companies like Holstein Aviation can help you with this preliminary step.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Aircraft Dealer Can Put Your Planes for Sale at a Good Price Point

The continuous rise in gas prices will likely make private plane owners think twice about using their planes. As an alternative, these owners may consider talking to a dealer to put their planes for sale at a good price point. The overall condition of the plane primarily serves as a basis for the price point.

As the first step to a smooth aircraft sale transaction, private plane owners should turn to reliable aircraft dealers with experience in selling used airplanes like the professionals in Holstein Aviation. These aircraft dealers will then hire a team of expert aviation technicians to do an asset evaluation. These professionals check cabin layout, avionic suite, engine type, support program, interior and exterior condition, damage history, domicile, mission types, previous owner(s), and paint and scheme color as these various aspects affect the resale value.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Private Jets: Providing Time Efficiency, Comfort, and a Good Image

With a private aircraft, you get individualized attention from the craft’s crew, luxurious furnishings, and plenty of space. With the benefit of privacy, meetings can also take place during flights, providing not only discretion but also time efficiency. Most of all, with the absence of long queues, waiting time, possibility of luggage loss, transfers, delays, and security issues, stress is greatly reduced.

With all the benefits of flying privately, there’s no reason to delay looking for a private jet for sale or for lease, so you and your company can also take advantage of the privileges it offers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Aircraft for Sale: Finding Help in Buying and Selling a Pre-used Jet

Looking for the ideal pre-owned aircraft for sale, however, is not that simple without the services of a capable aircraft broker like Holstein Aviation. In addition to the cost, an important consideration is the age and condition of a pre-owned plane. It will take someone with a long experience in the aviation industry and with an intimate knowledge of aircrafts to be able to properly asses the value, state, and flightworthiness of a pre-owned plane.

Putting up a private jet for sale is likewise not easy without the help of the right aircraft broker. As White’s article points out, the competition among aircraft sellers has become tighter over the past several years. An established broker like Holstein Aviation can draw on its long experience and knowledge of the industry in helping sellers find the right buyers for their aircrafts.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buy a Plane: Investing in Quality Travel Time Can Bring In Profits

“Flying private” may seem to many as nothing more than a luxury that only the rich and the famous are privileged to experience. The reality is, traveling on a private plane offers more than just a luxury ride: it is also a great business decision that motivates the biggest corporations to buy themselves a plane. In an article for Business Insider, Alex Davies lists down the many advantages that flying on a private plane has over traveling first or business class on commercial airlines.

For one, private plane travelers will be spending less time in airports. Private planes can take off from smaller airports, where there are generally less traffic and passengers. Also, there will be no need for a luggage check-in, as well as luggage retrieval from a carousel; and a passenger doesn’t have to go through long security checks.