Sunday, September 28, 2014

With Private Planes for Sale Come Convenience, Efficiency, and Safety

Mention the word “private” and “jet” in the same sentence, and suddenly you have everyone wondering whether you’re a business tycoon or a pop star. Admittedly, investing in planes for sale isn’t for everyone, but for top-level businessmen or corporations they’re a worthy investment. Alex Andrews writes about why millions of dollars are spent each year to fly in his article for Corporate Jet Investor. Convenience Professional sports franchises and large corporations prefer to fly their prized people on private jets so they won’t be stressed out by typical commercial airline environments. They arrive on time, well-rested, and ready to perform their duties.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Private Jets for Sale: What to Consider in Business Aircraft Purchases

In the past, flying via private aircraft was seen as something reserved for the elite since they frequently need to be in faraway places on short notice. These days, however, the option is opening up to more and more people, especially those who travel on business. For this reason, business owners may want to consider looking into options for private jets for sale and acquire one of their own. Here are the factors to consider in buying business aircraft: Size Modern-day private jets for sale come in varies of sizes, all of which answer to a company’s specific needs. Does a firm frequently send its executives and managers to meetings around the world? If so, perhaps an aircraft as large as of one of the Gulfstream I or Bombardier models and appropriate choose. These options can carry up to 18 passengers and are equipped, onboard entertainment systems, telephone, high-speed internet access and comfortable seating to provide highly productive work areas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Consider These Points before Committing to Buy an Aircraft for Sale

Corporate jets are often seen as a luxury. However, even a stern critic can turn into a firm believer of the benefits of private jet ownership. Just ask Warren Buffett. He even goes so far as to indirectly attribute the success of Berkshire Hathaway to his corporate jet, “The Indispensable”. If you are interested in purchasing an aircraft for sale for your company, there are several factors you need to take into account before finalizing a purchase.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Launch When Ready: Buy a Comfortable Plane, Soar up There

The prospect of being able to take to the skies in a plane you’re proficient in speaks volumes when you want to go places without having to deal with long drives. The U.S. recovery from the recession opened the doors for more people to earn their wings and invest in aviation, especially when foreign companies are seriously mounting a challenge to the national aviation industry. If you have the full flight certifications and are ready to buy yourself a plane, consult companies like Holstein Aviation on finding your wings. There are many strategies to tackle when shopping for a new aircraft, starting with a realistic assessment of your needs for it. Lee hints about choosing an airplane that can be used 90% of the time and even if you state one purpose for it, there will be other times you can depend on the aircraft for other missions (i.e., a leisure platform for solo business trips).