Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why It May Make a Lot of Business Sense to Buy a Plane for Company Use

Yet for busy executives who wish to touch base with their counterparts or maybe sign agreements in the flesh, commercial air travel may not be worth all the trouble. Even when business execs have highly reliable executive assistants or travel agents to do their bidding, flight delays and cancellations can still ruin their carefully planned itineraries. Fortunately, one can buy a plane for company use and thereby do away with the various hassles most air travelers typically have to endure. CEOs may be quite capable of closing business deals, but when it comes to buying their own aircraft, they’ll need to gather a formidable team to handle the transaction. This task will require not only the hands-on attention of key company personnel but also the expertise of a seasoned aircraft broker from an industry expert like Holstein Aviation.


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