Sunday, April 6, 2014

Experts Say 2014 is a Good Year to Put Your Private Jets Up for Sale

Currently, the market for private jets is relatively small but lucrative. Forbes says that about 50 percent of all private aircraft is sold in the United States, while 21 percent is sold in Europe and 12 percent is sold in the Asia Pacific. A large number of private charter flights are booked during major sports events like the Super Bowl and the Masters Golf Tournament, so sellers can expect a huge demand for a private jet for sale at these times.

However, this doesn’t mean that any private aircraft can become an easy sell; buyers can also be a bit picky. For example, individuals who undertake long-distance private flights regularly want jets like Bombardier’s Global 8000 that have a large fuel capacity. Casual passengers, on the other hand, want an affordable yet comfortable aircraft, like the Cessna Citation Excel. While it is true that jets, turboprops, and helicopters attract their own slew of fans, it takes an experienced aircraft broker to find buyers for any aircraft. Thankfully, though, there seems to be no shortage of these people at the moment.

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