Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quality Planes for Sale: The Upward Glide of the Business Jet Market

The sales are mostly from North American companies, but other markets are becoming important to the business jet industry. A notable addition is China, with its burgeoning number of multi-billionaires and has recently seen a 23% jump in its demands for private aircraft. This spike can be traced to a tycoon’s wish for easy travel between China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The industry is glad for the boost as many aircraft companies, like Holstein Aviation, have a large stock of excellent planes for sale.

The industry’s rise is further encouraged by many CEOs opting to travel via the company jet rather than going on a commercial flight. The twin benefits of convenience and safety are the driving force behind this. The main obstacle to buying a business jet is the expense. However, with the resurging economy, companies can splurge a little as there are several ways to finance the purchase like through loans and leases.


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